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My Thoughts
C.S. Lewis stated that Man is not a body with a soul, Man is a soul with a body.

If we are to live the worldview that is described in the Bible, the infallible Word of God, then we need to consider the ramifications. (Remember this is the only worldview that has come from an outsider of our world, our frame of reference. It's come from an uncontaminated one into the contaminated arena.)

If we are just a body then we must nurture and care for it above all else. That means a workout becomes more important than a Bible Study. It means counting calories and making sure you limit saturated fats and carbohydrates is as important to your life as anything else.

If on the other hand we are a soul, with a body, then we understand Jesus words that we will never die. The soul, that currently has a body, isn't going to be consumed or decay no, it will live on eternally. This is how Jesus' worldview was so different than his peers. When he looked at people, he saw their soul and their plight 10,000 years from his interaction with them. There's no workout of the body that will have an effect 10,000 years from now.

Telling the truth is important for the soul. It may hurt in this world of matter, but it will be a small consequence compared to the eternal consequence. Life lived as Jesus lived is a life of freedom and joy. He was not conformed by his world and the corrupt leaders of his time on earth, no he lived a life of truth and grace. (I'm not talking works salvation here, but there is something to be said that When the Books are open and things read of our life on earth, rewards are given. And that's not the Book of Life, it is only called the Books.)

Live for the health of your soul today. You are a soul with a body and the soul will live on and on and on...


Can you sing Let the Song Arise to Ain't that America like you can sing Amazing Grace to Stairway to Heaven.

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