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My Thoughts
What is your supreme definer? The mechanism you use to define legitimacy or good?

When I was a child most USA citizens used Reason as their definer. Today it's become less definable. Today is the age of the Like button. People do things so they will be Liked on Facebook and getting there can mean doing anything: lying, deceiving, sexual exposure, I mean anything is done to get a Like.

Reason and Likability are very limited Definer's. They rely on the human brain and where the brain cannot think there is no answer.

I believe that God is the definer. He exists even if I don't, even if all mankind doesn't exist. He is the creator of the universe and he is the one that lays the laws of physics, biology, chemistry, geography to define legitimacy and good.

As the human mind becomes more learned it leads us further and further to the God of creation. It is very interesting that the God described in the Bible as the creator and his ways are not eliminated or nullified by science discoveries but they are confirmed. He is the designer of all that is unseen, including mathematics, physical laws, laws of chemistry and the laws of biology. Even if there was the un-mathematical chance life started on this earth without him, someone must come up with an explanation of how these laws are so beautifully established in our universe.

Think about that.


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