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images/photos/Construction 2004
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kitchen or cistern.jpg

26 plymouth backyard panarama stitch.jpg

looking towards the front.jpg


A tree limb falls on the house during construction.jpg


the kitchen begins.jpg

Andy roofing the camera is shaking cause moms scared.jpg

Andys room.jpg

john roofing in the sunset its cooler now.jpg

Back of the house with the new kitchen and mud.jpg

the new kitchen in progress.jpg

Bill Destroying our lawn.jpg

kitchen addition.jpg

Bill is nervous oh no he cant find a header.jpg

rain rain go away.jpg

Bill showing us he can wind surf.jpg

Flat top.jpg

roofing materials.jpg

Jay and Andrew in Kitchen.jpg

the tree is gone.jpg

Jay destroying our lawn.jpg

Jays room.jpg

June32004 218.jpg

this is progress.jpg

Lumber and Old House.jpg


Macs tree.jpg

New bathroom.jpg

Old Attic.jpg

tree damage.jpg

Only use straight boards.jpg

Real work.jpg

Roof removal.jpg

tree limb on side of house.jpg

Scott with two parrots.jpg

walls some assembly required.jpg

Thats a heavy load.jpg

sky lights in our new roof.jpg

Tree damage and construction.jpg


looking from the great room into the new kitch.jpg

drink lots of water or youll dehydrate.jpg

end of the day inspectors.jpg

window opening.jpg

first wall in place.jpg

yeah the roof is on.jpg

four walls and trusses.jpg

staple hammer.jpg

framing done porch is next.jpg

from the back.jpg

yes the walls are glued together.jpg

from the backside.jpg

from the front.jpg

tar paper felt paper and rubber stuff.jpg

front and back both destroyed.jpg


the backyard smoothed out.jpg

is this where you want it john.jpg

jay on tree limb.jpg

mac carrying the outside truss.jpg

master bedroom.jpg

nail gun.jpg

new to old.jpg

oh deep ruts.jpg

oh ruts.jpg

the first wall.jpg

sheeting on the roof before felt or shingles.jpg

the floor over the crawlspace in the kitchen.jpg

the new roof john and bill getting it done.jpg

the whole house needed a new roof.jpg

think of it as pieces of a puzzle.jpg

we ll live here while the house is a mess.jpg

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