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images/photos/Construction II 2004
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Ahh nice house guys.jpg

Also the new kitch.jpg

Andys room.jpg


ride Sally Ride oh I mean molli.jpg

Demolition of the cement front porch.jpg

Front porch from inside.jpg

Front porch towards garage.jpg

sunset porch.jpg

Front porch towards side yard.jpg

Front porch.jpg

temporary safety rails.jpg

Gettin ready for the front porch.jpg

Higher Higher.jpg

Its looking good.jpg

Jay ripping off the front of the house.jpg

those silly girls.jpg

Jay working on post holes.jpg

Jays room.jpg

side porch completed.jpg

Just another picture of the house.jpg

upstairs plan.jpg

Lazy Hazy Crazy dayz of summer.jpg

Look whos here.jpg

Looking towards the garage.jpg

On the new porch.jpg

Removing the old kitchen wall.jpg

side porch roof looking back.jpg

Side of house at dusk before a storm.jpg

Side of house during storm.jpg

Side porch.jpg

peanut and hudson.jpg

The new front porch starting to take shape.jpg

side porch roof looking forward.jpg

The new kitch from the great room.jpg

The new kitch.jpg

The new window will be so pretty.jpg

The old front window.jpg

Wall removal.jpg

bad merge of front.jpg

come on lets go already.jpg

front door.jpg

kitchen pantry.jpg

master bathroom.jpg

master bedroom.jpg

master room.jpg

not an improvement yet.jpg

oh those silly monkeys.jpg

upstairs studs.jpg

upstairs walls.JPG

wrap still unfinished.jpg

wraping porch.jpg

yes people drive for miles to see our beautiful house.jpg

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