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My Thoughts
What does a spiritual joy look like?

Fulfilling with excellence, to the best of your ability, the roll of the office God has put you in.

What does that look like?

Are you a student, study, striving for straight A's.

Are you a husband/wife? Love your spouse according to God's word 'Husband's love your wives, Wives respect your husbands. (Oh please never consider joining yourself to a non-believer. And never consider divorce as an option, these actions would grieve the spirit of our Lord.)

Are you a father/mother? (Have you ever had a child in wedlock or not?) Raise up that child in the way it should go in the honor and wisdom of the Lord, Jesus Christ. (Oh please don't be a deadbeat Dad or Mom. Oh please don't abandon/abuse your child for these things grieve the spirit of our Lord.)

Are you an employee? Work as unto the Lord. Don't steal minutes of time away or cheat on your time card. The health of your company is important to your income.

Are you an employer? Server your employees in a manner worthy of the Lord. Many families rely on you to be successful in what you do, it might not be charity but still fathers, mothers, children rely on the source of income you provide.

I believe God finds joy when we embrace these rolls. Examples: changing a very dirty diaper at 2:00am. Disciplining a teen so that they turn from wicked ways. Respecting a man to which you're married for no other reason than to be obedient to God. Loving a woman to which you are married for no other reason than to be obedient to God. (And I mean in daily chores, washing the clothes, washing the dishes, mopping the floor, washing the windows and the shower and the bathroom and the porch.) Working hard for no other reason than to be obedient to God.

Sure our flesh desires the mountain top experience and we want to be admired for the great sermon we just gave or the wonderfully successful missions trip we just finished, but life is in the daily domestic tasks and that's where God finds joy in us.

How can these things be done?

Read tomorrows entry.

Love Dad

Memory Verse
A Man After God's Own Heart
But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul. Deuteronomy 4:29 LINK


MC, Lisa and Kimberly on the tow path trail.

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