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My Thoughts
I have been praying for what I call an Elijah moment. Specifically the moment God clearly demonstrated himself, YHWH, the God of Israel, as the one true God. You can read about it in 1 Kings 18:20-39.

(Why am I praying this? Because if a hurricane moves toward USA shores and everyone prays to their idol and the hurricane does avoid landfall, then what god will get the credit? We need to clearly see that there is only one God.)

I do know of one Elijah moment coming and it could be very significant. What would you say if an event took place that was foretold thousands of years ago? It would be a type of Mt. Carmel moment. God has mentioned he will act at certain times in response to the culture, if it honored him or it dishonored him, it would receive blessings, or (in it's perspective) curses. (I say in the cultures perspective because when their view is extremely self centered when things are taken from them they think it's a cures. It really is like a loving father taking away a bee's nest from I child that thinks it's a toy. If they play with it, will it be a curse or consequences?)

At any rate there is a date YHWH has stated he would act. That day comes every 7 years on Elul 29 of the Jewish calendar. Now if he said he would act on this day and he does, it shows that he is in control. As the American culture moves further and further away from his commands as it was established, and the more self centered it becomes, it will require God to restructure the culture to move it back to dependence on Him. From God's perspective it is a blessing, but to the cultures perspective, it looses everything that is held in high respect, money, and have nothing but God to rely upon.

So God promised to act on Elul 29 every seven years. 14 years ago that was on September 11, 2001 and God sent a warning that he will act in a way to cause people to seek his face. 7 years ago it was the largest Stock market drop in history. He was trying to get people to realize they need to rely on him and not money. This year it is on September 13, 2015. Since 2001 the USA has accepted not only the sacrifice of unborn children (similar to the way the Israelite's sacrificed their babies to Molech) now, since the last Shemita the USA and trampled on God design for marriage and has not repented of it's ways.

September 13, 2015 could be a big shaking of the USA to make it wake up and realize our dependence on Him and Him alone. It also coincides with an astronomical rarity where there are 4 blood moons within the Shemita year and the last one falling just a few days after the Elul 29. (The title of blood mooon is not a christian explanation of the event but a common name, even used in reference by NASA. It is the description of the appearance of a total lunar eclipse. All four of these events are visible from the USA.) Is this what's mentioned in LINK Acts 2:20?

So we know the culture in the USA is moving away from God, we've seen the signs of the blood moon's and know God has acted on Elul 29 with a strong hand the past 2 Shemita holidays, will he Act this year on September 13?

It's interesting to investigate and explain this before the event takes place, but the whole reason God is doing this is to draw people back to himself and only the one true God. As long as it is called today please seek His face for he has given you forgiveness by taking the punishment upon himself that you might be adopted as sons and daughters in his family, to live with him and fulfill your purpose.

Please ask God for His forgiveness which he extends to everyone who will believe that Jesus died for your sins. No money is necessary, no education is needed, no promises to the church, just a promise that Jesus will be your God.

Think about that.
Love Dad

Bible Verses
For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

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