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On this day in 2015 Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to give an historic speech to congress. He was invited by the Republican Party leaders to speak to congress, without the acknowledgement of the White House and President Barack Hussein Obama. This is a very unusually breach of protocol, but it seems fitting as the sitting president has broken the tradition of following the Constitution regularly. If the president can break the law and protocol why shouldn't everyone else be allowed to do whatever they want.

The topic is also the point of contention as the sitting president is in talks for a nuclear agreement with Iran. Ultimately the agreement between the president of the USA and Iran puts, Iran on track to have nuclear power, even a bomb, at some point in the future. It is historically documented that Iran will use that bomb against Israel as soon as possible. So the president my rest in the fact that while he is in office Iran didn't bomb Israel, but metaphorically, he also has poked a hole in the bottom of the boat and said, It's not going to sink on my watch. Instead of defending his boat and Israel's he is dooming both.

I pray that the God of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jesus, God with us, will have mercy on us but would stop our unwise actions that plan for our destruction.


My Thoughts
Perspective on life in this Creation:

There are lots of perspectives of life, I'd like to point out 2 here. The first is lacking something, the second I think is more comprehensive.

1. This is a terrible, no good very bad place. You don't have to live very long to realize that life in this realm is hard, and appeasing the needs and issues is work. Entering into that work and brushing up against the thistles and thorns is painful and it can become overwhelming, forcing many to despair. It's like being trapped in a vice that closes in as each day (or era of life) brings new challenges and difficulties. This view accommodates the Biblical worldview as we know we are in a sinful world where there is much disobedience that causes pain. The problem though is that our minds get stuck trying to reconcile a loving God with our experiences. (Experience: a person in North America can feel deeply depressed in a well heated, comfortable home with food in the refrigerator and pantry while a political prisoner in Russia shivering on the cell floor feels the same deep despair.) This view kinda considers the spiritual realm but mostly sticks with the facts that are taught as secular understanding of life. I mean what you can touch, taste, smell, hear and see is more important than anything else. What if the unseen is more permanent that anything else. 2 Cor 4:18. If not then, yes, this is just a miserable place and we can be miserable in it, but what if the protection from what we don't see is a magnitude worse.

2. This world is our protection from something that is our horrible undoing.
You don't have to live very long to realize that life in this realm is hard, but what if there are more permanent things (the unseen realm) that exist, 2 Cor 4:18, that if we came into contact, we would be totally obliterated, but before being obliterated it would be like a horror movie x1000.
This view accommodates the Biblical worldview as we know we are in a sinful world where there is much disobedience that causes pain and it opens up the teaching of the spiritual realm that helps us understand that what we experience is less than 1% of that which would come against us.
How could Jesus be jovial as he lived on this earth? Jesus could enjoy the oasis that this world affords, in the midst of the mighty battle/storm that rages on the other side of the barrier.

Please see this world as a protective place that God has allowed you to live in, and experience his love, mercy and compassion. He has placed you in this strong protective bubble we call creation and instead of being un-thankful and holding to the #1 perspective where your appreciation has to be associated with things seen, understand the mighty fortress you are in protecting you from what is unseen. And like Jesus don't just enjoy life but let others know, God has placed them in this protective place (from the unseen horrific dark world as well as the justice of God) so they too can experience, as long as it's called today, the love, grace and mercy of God with a complete understanding.


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