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My Thoughts
Buried deep in creation is God's message of renewal.

Spring is a sign of God's renewal for His creation. Here in Hudson we are well into spring and we are enjoying the flowers, trees and sunshine after a long very cold winter.

Winter is the reminder that death is a process of the condition of our creation. It wasn't His original plan but when sin entered the world, by Man's choice, God placed a door in His creation to a better place and that door is the death of the body. This door-way can lead to complete satisfaction and glory or destruction and angst. Just like the first person to choose their fate, with God or without, we have the choice right now to say God is my Lord and I will follow Him and His revelation of Himself through His one and only son Jesus Christ, or say 'I'm not sure if there is a God and it's much more appealing to live outside of His Word, so I'm going to reject Him in this life and hope there is no after life.' A warning: for those who don't follow after Him, I ask you to challenge the Source of your hope, that there is no afterlife. For those who believe, our Hope is placed in God's evidence in His special revelation through Scripture, which compliments his general revelation of His amazingly designed and beautiful Creation.

Genesis 8:22 says, 'As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.' So no matter how bad the supposed global warming gets we can always count on summer and winter as God's way of reminding us of His mercy through renewal.

Thank you God that you provide renewal in life. In the experience of relationships we have on this earth, in the experience of joy on this earth and especially with you and our eternal souls.

Think about that!


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